Always, ALWAYS here to help! If you're unsure which package best suits you, simply send in a general inquiry with a description of your event and anticipated needs, and we will find your perfect fit. Packages aren't always one size fits all, so you may find yourself in between packages, which is totally fine!

i'm not sure which package best suits my needs. can you help?


We are currently based in the DFW area of Texas, but are always willing to travel to meet the needs of our clients. You should always pick a coordinator/planner based on the confidence and peace of mind you feel in having them involved, which is NOT limited to those based in your event's neighborhood. 

where are you based, and do you travel?



We aim to be as transparent as possible about our pricing. We understand it can be tedious in the research process when pricing isn't readily provided, and it's our TOP priority to make this experience as stress-free and straight forward as possible. We include starting prices on all of our packages. Due to the customizations and different needs involved with each client, EXACT pricing may vary.

how can i learn more about pricing?


Come one, come all! We welcome inquiries for any kind of event. Should we need to turn down an event, it would be based on our availability, client budget, and/or if we feel the anticipated needs do not coincide with our services. 

are there types of events that you don't do?