we are here to be your partner, advisor,
and strongest vision advocate.


*pricing for micro-weddings/elopements and other special events may vary*

averages at $7,500

From venue to vendors, decor to details, we've got you 100% covered. We'll put in the leg work on research and communication and truly do what we do best in terms of making your vision come to life. 



averages at $4,500

Together, we will make the perfect planning team! Whether you've already accomplished some of the big to-do items, or just feel that you have certain things handled, we'll lighted the load and offer our expertise where you need them. 



starts at $1,5000-$1,800


When you've got the planning under control and just need someone to jump in to cross the t's, dot the i's, and let you finally enjoy being the guest of honor. Leave the hosting to us. 


starts at $800

Let's dive into your design vision, and watch it come to life! Whether you're looking for a ready-to-go package, or something more exclusively curated, we will create a concept that is 100% YOU.

design + curation



Charlotte's eye for detail is truly amazing. We met to discuss the design inspiration for my wedding, and from that point on, I knew my vision was in good hands. She executed it better than I even dreamed!


I am beyond grateful to have had Charlotte be a part of our wedding journey. She truly thought of everything, and my day turned out better than I could've ever hoped for!